trying this thing out

i was extremely productive today… i volunteered ( first time at this particular one ) for six hours at a animal shelter today and i have to say it felt pretty damn good! my duties involved: cleaning up the litter pans ( which there were a lot of ), doing countless loads of laundry, mopping, and stocking. after that i went to the grocery store and went home and did some cleaning and cook dinner. what was for dinner…tacos and a salad.
i also rediscovered my love for the album antic by interpol. i forgot how much i just loved that record. i’m gonna have a interpol all nighter. not to mention the album turn on the bright lights – obstacle 1/ obstacle 2 , and stella was a driver and she was always down are pretty rad songs.
yesterday i went to the library and picked-up stephen king’s cujo. i’m going to start this tonight, and it will be the first time i will be reading this, so.
pretty tired.
my last few days, i’ve been feeling pretty good than the normal messable self i am accustomed to. i blame me for starting my passion and love for rollerblading again. the good vibes it brings me. i’m filled with so much stress and (social) anxiety that when i’m rollerblading it takes it all way. like i can breath. do you know what i mean?
need to find something scary/creepy to watch tonight before i go down.